They say opposites attract, right? We're so thankful we found each other! 

Rufus was born February 28th in Ft. Hood, TX. Raised in Washington DC and Maryland, Rufus would later branch out and move to Providence, RI where he would obtain his BA and MBA in Accounting. He counts himself fortunate to have met Adderlin(the love of his life) during his studies. 

Adderlin was born April 10th in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After her first birthday she moved to the United States. Her family ultimately raised her in Providence, RI. She graduated Siena College in Albany, NY on May 10th 2015. 

Adderlin enjoys reading and writing fan blogs as well as taking pictures of beautiful landscapes. Rufus is more than happy to spend a day debating politics and finance. However, they both love to enjoy time together racing and watching movies. They also share a passion for service to God as they serve in various ministries at their home church, Greater RI Baptist Temple. 

Together they are a inseparable  no matter what distance may be in between them

We are excited to have you join us to celebrate the love we have for each other!

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